Success Stories

Sally *

Khrystal has the ability to push you to your limits. She always comes up with new challenging routines so it never gets boring or too easy. She closely follows your results so if there’s something you are doing wrong she makes sure you correct it. She offers the only program where my friends and I saw concrete results over a short period of time. I highly recommend her if you want a good kick in the butt to achieve results.

Julia *

Working with Khrystal was a life changing experience! She made me push my limits and gain results I thought I could never achieve. She was not only a great coach, but a good friend. She always cared about each and every one of our best interest. I would recommend her to anyone!

Francois *

Training with Khrystal has been a life changer for me. Since then, I know how to workout hard. She has a lot of knowledge in fitness and can answer all your questions. She can push you to your limits and help you reach your goals in a fast manner. If you seek results, go train with Khrysfit!!

Ioana *

When I first met Khrystal, I had just given birth. I was not feeling good in my skin and was desperate to feel good again! Krystal is the type of trainer that will motivate you and will not allow to give up! She’s right by your side and makes sure that you push yourself beyond your limits. I was soon able to move my body in ways I hadn’t before. A year later and I’m happy to report that I’m still using her meal plan and the results are still visible. Thank you Krystal!

Reem *

This program really really works! Khrystal is an awesome trainer, always kept me motivated even on the days where training is the last thing I wanted to do. She pushed me the entire time and the results were insane! I recommend this to absolutely everyone, it makes working out so much fun. I signed up for Tabata 3 times in a row and I would definitely do it again and again!

Amira *

Training with Khryss is not just a challenge that is helping me get to my goals, it’s non stop fun .. her positive attitude and strong personality make me look forward to our sessions together . Motivation and support are a must in one’s journey to better fitness and Khryss is just the right person for that . Love her ..

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Christina *

This woman is so ruthless; and I mean that in the best way possible! She will push you beyond your limits, and you will feel soreness in places you never thought existed!And this is exactly why her workouts are so addictive!. She makes you feel like the workout is so much more than just exercising; it’s a way of being!. Last but not least, the girl has the sickest sneakers ;). This one is definitely a keeper!

Jenny *

Training with Khrystal was tough but fun! She knew my limits better than myself. She pushed me and supported me to reach my goal. Khrystal provided meal plans and worked with me to replace certain foods that i didnt like. Training with her was the best experience and would do it all over again!

Bianca *

Khrystal has a vast knowledge of her profession and every session was more challenging than the last. She is a focused and passionate professional who always insured that my technique was correct to avoid any injuries, and on top of that she was reliable and flexible for scheduling. I highly recommend khrystal as a personal trainer or group boot camp instructor as I’ve experienced her in both situations and enjoyed both! She’s helped me achieve my goals and believed in me the whole time!

Francine *

Ce que j’aime le plus de ce programme cmest la motivation et l’encouragement que Khrystal nous donne et nous transmet, l’intensité de son programme, le plan de nutrition. Tout l’expérience est excellente. Merci

Chelsea *

Khryss is one of the most inspiring and motivating people I have ever met. In addition to being beautiful and smart, her ability to impart knowledge of the body prove her to be one of the best, most sought after trainers. Accomplished, strong and fit are words I would use to describe Khrystal. Reinventing her classes and redesigning on a weekly basis to challenge and empower her clients is what you can expect of the kryssfit experience. Her passion and dedication to fitness is what makes her classes fun and result driven. Working out with Khrystal will change your life.

Marco *

Before starting with Khrystal I was always stuck at 195lbs and couldn’t shake off that extra flab on my stomach and constantly felt exhausted. After doing over 4 months of tabata and learning the importance of nutrition along with Khrystal pushing me hard every workout I was able to go from 30% body fat down to 12%, and dropping to 182lbs. I was in the best shape of my life and feeling great. The pictures of  before and after speak for themselves. If you want to see change go train with Khrystal

*Individual results may vary based on several factors including but not limited to body type, nutrition plan, fitness goals, adherence to the program, effort and time.